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24-hour daylight

24-hour daylight


Note: this is a high-res image and so may take a few moments to view. It shows the position of the sun over 24-hours, from middle of the night (lowest position) through to midday (centre). The times marked are operational times at the site (GMT-3).

3 Responses to “24-hour daylight”

  1. Tagnal Says:


  2. Dean Says:

    Can you post a high-res picture please? :)

  3. admin Says:

    Hello, thanks for following the SLE Programme. @2 Dean – most of the images are reduced to 800 pixels for the blog but this one is posted in high-res format at 5000 pixels width (max sent back from Antarctica). If you click on the image it will expand to full res. You’re welcome to save it, but if you use it in public please credit: “Pete Bucktrout, British Antarctic Survey”.