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Christmas message from Lake Ellsworth

17 Responses to “Christmas message from Lake Ellsworth”

  1. Kev Saw Says:

    Happy Christmas guys!

  2. Brian Hubbard Says:

    Hi guys, you’re doing a great job – keep smiling. What are the odds that you’ll be having a White Christmas? Oh, and get that hole drilled too! Cheers – are the pubs open on Christams Day down there? Or the churches?

  3. Charles Godfrey Says:

    Watching your updates with great interest – you guys are the best! …. and not only in one of the toughest environments but with boiler problems – at least we can understand that back here on Dartmoor – that’s why we burn logs but I can see you may go some way for some of those! Good drilling and we shall raise a glass to you tomorrow – the Best of British!! If you do need some logs …

  4. Thanos Says:

    Happy Christmas and good luck to all of you!

  5. Kris Says:

    Merry Christmas from Seattle. Your research activities have turned a lot of attention on Antarctica. We’re still watching closely your activities and those around Antarctica. What’s at the bottom of our planet isn’t a secret anymore.

  6. Gwyn Griffiths Says:

    Happy Christmas to you all. I am sure you will have a memorable feast and I trust the drilling goes well for you.

  7. Helen Says:

    Merry Christmas to you All
    Cheers from Queensland

  8. Charles Howie Says:

    Hi Everyone
    Best wishes for Christmas from a terribly wet Surrey.
    Looking forward to more news. It’s fascinating and fantastic.

  9. Mike Harbour Says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Thinking of you out there doing great work!

  10. Cesare Brizio Says:

    Merry Christmas and go work, lazy bones! :-D We want you to share with us the exciting discoveries that you are going to make. We love and respect you and the good job that you are doing. Thumbs up from Italy!

  11. Mike Lawson-Smith Says:

    Have a great working Christmas all of you!

  12. Steve Says:

    Happy Christmas everyone!

  13. Jason Wilson Says:

    Best wishes from Canada! From your recent posts, it looks like Santa has traded-in his sleigh for a Twin Otter. Great to see he was able to deliver the replacement boiler controller to all the good Ellsworth boys and girls — just in time for Christmas:)

  14. Jean Orr Says:

    Many thanks for keeping us informed about this amazing work. Christmas Greetings from Mike Bentley’s Aunty Jeannie.

  15. Raffaele Says:

    To ellsworth team merry chrismas!!!! from raffaele

  16. Steve McComas Says:

    Cheers and godspeed, from St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s warm here, 10 F.

  17. Mario Brito Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. I trust all will go well. Kindest regards and very best wishes.